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You may want to post this photo from 1987 also. As you can see, it was taken at my house during the local alum hosted cocktail hour. According to a letter from Tom Tobey, it was taken by Bob James, or perhaps more correctly by his camera, since I believe that is he in the front row second from the left. Copies of this and other pictures were sent to Tom early in 1995 and sent by Tom later that year. -- Gar Randall
From the
25th Reunion,
June, 1987

Fill in the Blanks:
Left to right, back: Peter Machinist, Burke Leahey, Andi Whittemore, ___ , Bob Snyder, Denis Golden, ___ , Ed Kleven, ___ . Front: Peter Butler, Mark Johnson, Jim Gordon, Tom Tobey, Tim McNally. Bob MacLaughlin has offered free beers to the first to e-mail him the correct answers at Click on the photo to see it enlarged.

Thursday, May 9, 2002. Tom Tobey claimed to have the correct answers, but was disqualified for being "management"... :-) Monday, May 13, 2002: Hi Bob, this quiz is pretty tough, especially if one has never been to a reunion. When I first looked at the picture I didn't recognize anybody. After a while I picked out a few. Here's my stab at the quiz (L-R): Tay Vaughan, Nils Bjork, Steve Barkin. How'd I do? I'm pretty sure I recognize Tay from the way he holds his hands in his pockets. The other two are guesses. Charlie Pyne.


Ham Agnew
Ray Bird
Nils Bjork
Frank Bond
Peter Buck
Peter Butler
Glenn Coffman
Red Culver
John Davagian
Mac Donaldson
Howard Durfee
Peter Entwistle
Denis Golden
Jim Gordon
Darrell Hamric
Stan Healy
Ben Jameson
Mark Johnson
Paul Johnson
Steve Kasnet
Ed Kleven
Burke Leahey

David Lorenson
Peter Machinist
Bob MacLaughlin
Tim McNally
Bill McPhee
Rob Michel
J.B. Moore
Ted Moore
Bob Orcutt
Tony Pearson
Ken Pouch
Charlie Pyne
Gar Randall
Al Rock
Slater Smith
Bob Snyder
Warren Steele
John Tarbell
Tom Tobey
Rick Tongberg
Tay Vaughan
Andy Whittemore

Steve Blair [A Letter from Mary]
John Dorr

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