Ben Jameson

After leaving the University of New Hampshire in 1964, I was immediately drafted. I vividly remember my army physical. After boarding the bus in Exeter, NH for the trip to the Manchester, NH processing center, the sargent in charge stated that 50% of us would be rejected. I never dreamed that I would be one of them. I was 4F for Eczema, a skin disease. For years I was convinced that my father had paid someone off.

Following my brief army career I went to work for a paint company in Stamford, CT. I received a great education from the owner of the company on how to do business. After three years I left to join my father, Arthur Jameson, in the family business, C.F. Jameson & Co., Inc. located in Bradford, MA. The company, founded by my grandfather, Charles F. Jameson, celebrated its 75th year in the business in 2000.

C.F. Jameson manufactures waterborne paints, primarily for the Automobile Interiors Market. Although we are a small fish in a big ocean I have found running the company a very challenging, exciting, and rewarding career.

I met my wife, Ellen, in 1976. We were married in 1979 and have lived in Newburyport since our marriage. We are the very proud parents of two wonderful daughters, Sarah and Heather. Sarah graduated from GDA in 2000 and Heather will graduate this June, 40 years after dad. My father graduated from GDA in 1938, so we are a three generation GDA family. We all continue to feel that our time spent at GDA was one of the great experiences of our lives.

Sarah has just completed her sophomore year at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and Heather will enter GWU as a freshman in the fall. They are looking forward to attending the same college together.

Ellen and I look forward to welcoming you to our home and seeing you all at the reunion. Ben