Burke Leahey

Much as I dislike sentences that begin with that smallest of personal pronouns, have got to admit to having enjoyed all the bios submitted thus far. So in the interest of fairness, here are sentences about the guy from Lowell that Peter B. thought was a "hood."

Spent early summer of '62 at the University of Madrid with Denis Golden, bounced around western Europe after that, lost him in Rome, found him again twenty-five years later at a Gloucester bar soon to be made famous in The Perfect Storm. Headed off to Harvard in the fall, started off well, got reacquainted with my childhood sweetheart, Barbara Brady, who was attending Emmanuel on the other side of the Charles River --- at which point, I did a Charlie Pyne, and focused on the extra-curricular side of college life. Muddled through the next two and one-half years and married Barb at the end of my junior year --- and we are still happily married thirty-seven years later.

With graduation, started working in Liberty Mutual's group insurance department in Boston. After a six-month hitch in the Army Reserve, we started making babies --- three wonderful daughters in all, and all now grown and gone very far away --- one a former cancer researcher at Harvard, turned pastry chef in London, another running Hilton's convention services in Orlando, and a third, now an assistant professor in sociology at the University of Arizona --- so we spend a lot of time on the road trying to catch up with our kids.

We moved to Chicago with Liberty, soon after which I joined CNA's group operation. Did an MBA at Northwestern and went with Hewitt Associates, (actuaries, compensation and employee benefit consultants) to assist employers in designing more effective benefit plans. Moved back to Southport, CT in 1979 with Hewitt to head their group insurance consulting practice, and then in 1982, jumped at an opportunity to return to Boston to head the Boston office of Meidinger, Inc. (soon to be acquired by William M. Mercer, Inc.). We bought a wonderful house on the water in Duxbury where we keep two boats, a large lawn mower, a German Shepherd and a cat. Only one run-in with the law during the last forty years --- wore a FBI "wire" to catch an evil-doer in 1992 (where was Ken Pouch when I needed him?) --- nailed the b------, and now the lawyer count is down by one.

After the "merger," with all of my people happily working in more responsible positions, and having longed to be deeply in debt, we bought a printing company up in Lowell (started by Barb's dad). It was a leveraged deal in the days when bankers were just throwing money at you. It worked well --- weathered a couple of rough years in the early 1990's, and then we sold it two years ago to Barb's brother. Am not sure that we are retired as Tom wrote, maybe just in transition, although we are not quite sure to what. Have a condo in Boston's South End --- a fun place to live these days. Barb doesn't do "cold" anymore, so we winter in another condo in Bonita Springs on Florida's west coast. Have tried to develop a tennis game, and was doing OK, until a shoulder injury (Tarbs, hellllp!) sidelined me this winter. In the meantime, we do a lot of gardening in Florida and Duxbury, searching genealogy records wherever (learned I am descended from a Welsh barmaid, hmmmm ....), and fixing/rebuilding boats --- current project is a 1968 Marshall 22 Cat. There has been some talk about "down-sizing," but nothing definite yet --- my thought that the cat could go was nixed.

Every fall we are still at most every home Harvard football game. The tail-gating starts at 10:30 a.m. or so between the stadium and the indoor track building, we usually have six to twelve tickets (it's not like they are sold out), so if any of you finds yourself in or near Harvard Square on game day, please stop by --- all are welcome. And if that doesn't work, we'd love to have you visit Duxbury, the South End or Bonita Springs, as the spirit moves.

See you soon, best to all.