Denis Golden

Denis Golden is probably best known for his many roles on radio, cable television, and at live venues. his first program, a trivia game show which co-invented, premiered on WEEI radio in Boston in 1971 and soon attained a number one rating among women listeners. That program also holds a longstanding record for over 47,ooo calls turned away in one show. His subsequent trivia shows have enjoyed similar successful runs on radio stations WBOS, WMRE, WRCA, and WMEX, all in Boston.

In the early days of cable television, Denis had a popular, 90-minute show on cable systems covering large parts of greater Boston and the North Shore. At that time, Denis was also teaching History and Social Studies at Woburn High School, where he taught for 10 years.

With classmate Ed Kleven managing, Denis has taken a live version of his trivia show to over 70 colleges and universities in 21 states and Canada, and in 1975 the act was called the Outstanding Comedy Act of the Year by the National Platform Association, Lowell Thomas, President.

He was also a C--Founder, and Vice-President/ Creative Director, of The Advantage Group, an advertising agency specializing in broadcast media. He is well-known for his TV commercial work, where he portrayed such dignified characters as Canadian lumberjack Jacque Strappe; salty spokesman Captain Fussy; ribbon candy royal Comte d'Sevigny; and barbecue cowboy Ol' Redeye. Also at that time his radio portrayals of Professor Fustus von Goodwin, his butler cousin Figmus, the werewolf brother Fangus, the tree-dwelling nephew Fungus, were weekly hits on his WMRE radio show The College of Trivial Knowledge.

During his years at Tufts, Denis was known for escapades such as arriving for class atop his faithful Appaloosa, Kiowa, and recruiting his buddies to hire out as costumed mascots and stooges to entertain at college sports events throughout the area. He was active in soccer and track, student government, and was frequently recognized for his contributions to campus life by the University, as well as by Delta Upsilon fraternity.

His person highlights include many travel adventures, such as a trip to the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago as a guest of Major Daly; a visit to Mallorca with the Fielding family and Henry Luce; an evening in Boston at Walter Cronkite's retirement bash; and a day in the court room at the trial of O.J. Simpson. He also spent 8 years in the Army reserve.

Recently, Denis received national attention as a finalist in the annual 2001 "Papa Hemingway Look-a-Like Contest in Key West, where he'll also be fondly remembered for his performance in the Key Lime pie eating contest (which he won, by the way). He currently is a commercial lobsterman on Gloucester Harbor and co-founder and presenter of the annual Linden tree Lectures on Cape Ann. He continues to book live engagements.