Ham Agnew

Autobiography of Hamilton K. Agnew
(March, 2002)

It's been forty years since we were last together and that is enough time to go through many things, schools, mates and careers. Here's a little about me:

As you may know, my main interest in life has always been radio. After GDA I went to the Univ of Penn and was immediately drawn in by the school radio station, produced a show on hypnotism, and didn't go to class. Since this was the beginning of the Vietnam era, the choice then was the Army, so I enlisted in the Air Force where they taught me Russian at Indiana University and stationed me in a lovely little town in southwest Oklahoma until about 1967. Having freed myself from that I spent the next five years chief-engineering and announcing at a variety of FM stations in Massachusetts, Denver, and Seattle. I brought with me my lovely bride Carol, (whom I met in Denver in 1969, click this winter's photo from Cancun for an enlargement), a motorcycle, a jeep, and made another loop around the country doing more radio engineering and announcing, then found myself in Denver again where I managed an improvisational comedy group called "High Street". We dubbed movies over the radio and became quite popular, so we decided to move to LA (from market #22 to #1). Unfortunately two of the members of our group decided to quit and we left LA.

Carol and I moved to the San Francisco bay area and lived in a little town called Mill Valley, (then the home of Daniel Ellsberg, Grace Slick, Bob Weir, Timothy Leary and other notables and weirdoes).

In Mill Valley, from 1972 to 1985, I owned a company called Sounder Electronics. We manufactured test equipment products for the audio industry, repaired audio equipment, and made stage equipment for the Jefferson Airplane/Starship and Grateful Dead. As an equipment manufacturer, our company exhibited our products at trade shows in Chicago, LA, and NYC for about four years. Very interesting times...

In 1986 we decided to again tour the country and after three months traveling through the Sierra and Cascade ranges headed towards Florida to visit my wife's ailing mother. Finding the weather more attractive than the upcoming winter, we decided to stick around... and we're still here!

At the present time, I own PlanetRadios.Com,Inc. which sells Nextel products in Ft. Myers, FL., and own part of DHR Technologies, Inc. which is a high-speed wireless internet provider. We actively build sites and get customers away from dinosaur dial-ups into the world of high-speed connectivity and the wonderful world of computers. (Somebody please pass the hammer so I can hit any key!)

I have no children, have been married for 32 years to the same woman, and am a pretty happy and active guy despite my drooping physique and thinning hair!

My hobbies are gardening, piano, puttering, photography, computers and radios!