Bob Orcutt

The following thumbnail biography is being written literally at the last minute in deference to the gentle prodding of John Tarbell's telephone call. Although I am on call for the veterinary practice during the upcoming reunion, I am hopeful for an opportunity to attend at least some of the events and visit with the many classmates John has managed to rally to Byfield. My last recollection of many of my classmates is the sight of a fair number of gastrointestinally compromised individuals on Tony Pearson's lawn in June of 1962.

After graduating from GDA, I received a bachelors degree from Brown University and subsequently a veterinary degree from Cornell University in 1971. Between these academic events, I was married to my wife of nearly thirty-six years, Ann.

Following Cornell, we moved to Granby, CT where I was employed in a large veterinary practice for three years. We then moved back to our roots on the Massachusetts North Shore (Ann is an Ipswich native) and have lived in Topsfield for 28 years. I have moved from being a solo large animal (mostly equine) practitioner to being a member of a multi-doctor mixed species veterinary practice, SRH Veterinary Serives, located in Ipswich. My own practice duties are still large animal oriented and my ambulatory routes frequently take me through the GDA campus where I can rely upon my tires rather than my feet to take me back and forth to the infamous "bridge" on the Parker River.

I am still trying unsuccessfully to achieve a lifestyle of shorter work hours, more leisure time, and financial well being. Along my travels, I have been blessed by my loving and supporting family. Our son Joel and his wife Nicole live in Lexington, MA with their three daughters--Madeline, Isabella and Grace. Joel graduated from Babson College and works extremely successfully as a lead computer software architect. Our daughter, Elayna, graduated with distinction from Cornell University and has just completed her third year at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY. Elayna is living with her husband Robert Rubens on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Our children and our grandchildren are our life's work, and we take great pleasure in their accomplishments and our ability to enjoy their company.