Mark Johnson

Biography of Sorts -- sans picture - Digital camera broken -- I'm now in shopping mode- may be able to add picture later when trying out new toy.

I have been reading the biographies already posted with delight. Everyone needs to do this! I keep flashing back to Sophomore English with Pete Friend teaching Robert Frost's "Stopping by the Woods" or "The Road Not Taken " or some such. I must say, the Bios certainly demonstrate how different the roads leaving So. Byfield turned out to be for us. They are terrific.

My own road started with driving Frank Bond home to Santa Fe after graduation (Did Santa Fe ever get that drag strip you wanted, Frank?), then on to Cornell, fraternity life, and a BA in Government. Next came Boston University Law School. After a year, the School and I came to the mutual decision that this was not an optimum choice. Fortunately, considering it was 1968, my parents were friends with the head of my local draft board -- I was allowed one month to pick my Service.

I went into the Navy, through Boot Camp at Great Lakes and on to Spanish Language School in Monterey, CA where I met Patty, my bride--to-be (and bride-to-day). Next came Officer Candidate School in Newport, Commissioning, wedding, orders, and "voila!", as Roy Ohrn(sp?) would say. Another stunned and bewildered "90 Day Wonder" joined the Fleet. I spent the next few years on sea duty during the Vietnam War... defending the East Coast. "Tough" duty of course, "but someone...." Along the way, I transferred to the Navy Supply Corps, the business branch of the Navy (and with less sea duty), and had some tremendous tours of duty.

Included were:

  • 3 and a half years holding down 5 jobs simultaneously in Naples, Italy (chance to see Europe and to pick up a Masters in Business from my old "alma mater interruptus" Boston University)
  • Instructing for 2 years each at the Navy Supply Corps School, in Athens, Georgia, (Food Service and Retail Operations) and 2 more at the Navy School of Physical Distribution Management in Oakland (Warehousing Operations and Transportation of Hazardous Material)
  • A 3-year tour with the first Department of Defense Inspector General (lots of chances to see the Pacific and much of the USA as well)
  • A 3-year tour buying produce for all the DOD facilities in 5 Western states and the Pacific.

I finally retired in 1988, at age 44, having traveled in 48 states and 22 countries. By my calculation, I personally pushed over half a million pieces of paper which probably accomplished nothing more than winning the cold war for which I expect to take full credit as I get older.

I do truly appreciate your tax dollars funding my pension and allowing me to put our two daughters, Mariann and Rachael, through the University of Santa Barbara. Of course, it turned out to be only a "practice" retirement of 3 weeks as I immediately had to go back to work. (You weren't that generous with your tax dollars...)

The rest of my career has been mostly as a consultant in Supply Chain Management. (I started before it became the glamorous "cause celebre" it is now). I've had the good fortune to manage, teach, and/or consult in virtually every function in the Chain -- and a few other areas as well. There were also a few other operational stints interspersed at Kaiser Permanente and a produce company now defunct -- a whole other story. After consulting work with AT&T, Pacific Bell, PG&E, and SBC, Inc., I finally hired in to SBC as an internal consultant in the Procurement organization last June. Hence the limited vacation opportunity.

In the meantime in my real life, Patty and I moved to our retirement home in Brentwood, Ca. last year. This is the town in the SF Bay area and not the LA neighborhood of OJ fame. We are in what my son-in law refers to as "the old folks home". It's a 55 + gated golf course retirement community in which we are about the youngest members. We overlook three fairways, two waterholes, and a valley. We love the peace and quiet. Resort life is good! Both daughters live within easy visiting range. Mike, Mariann's husband teaches at the same school as his mother in law -- and they even get along! Rachael, is teaching High School English in San Ramon not far away. Family life is good!

Patty, my bride of 33 years, is still teaching Junior High, but unless she graduates early, I guess my real retirement is a few years away.

We have spent the last twenty plus years in the San Francisco Bay Area and here we shall remain. I think it was all the warm weather climates where we were stationed. Live in snow?? Thanks anyway - I think I'll just drive 2 hours and visit it...

Sorry I can't make it for the 40th but please hoist one for me. If you're out this way, give me a call. We've got room. This really has been a fun nostalgic time. Thanks to all who helped. And for the 199th GDA graduating Class, the Boys of '62, and now the Old Guys of '02, "May you have fair winds and following seas all the days of your life". See you at the 50th