Stan Healy

With graduation from Wesleyan pending in June, 1966 - and no prospect of a wife or graduate school - I enetered Navy OCS and received my commission in February 1967. (When arriving at OCS we were lined up and divided in "Companies" in order of arrival and I remember seeing Pete Buck just a few "officer candidates" down the line.) Spent the next three years in various places and Navy assignments ranging from Boat Officer on a WWII vintage troop carrier shuttling Marines from Okinawa to Viet Nam, Discipline Officer at the Newport Naval Base and on the staff of the Commandant, First Naval District in Boston. (The day after mustering out of the Navy in Boston, I was standing at an MBTA stop and asked the person standing next to me about the train schedule - the person to whom I spoke was none other than Jim "Flash" Gordon.)

Within a week of becoming a civilian I reluctantly agreed to help out a friend by going to a party to which he agreed to bring "some guys". That night I met Sarah Watson. We were enagaged six weeks later, married 10 months after meeting, and have been married for 32 years. (Sarah was Walnut Hill School '63 - although we don't recall ever being on each other's "dance card" at any Glee Club concerts, we did find a photo in the Milestone where we we sitting about five feet from each other - something about destiny!?)

We are now officially empty nesters - our daughter Alison (Notre Dame '00) is living in Chicago and our son Andrew graduated from Middlebury College last week.

From a professional perspective several different "lives" after getting my MBA from Wharton in 1972. I spent time in "Big 8" (now "Big 5"? - soon to be "Big 4"?) management consulting, then in a Fortune 500 environment (Dennison Mfg. Co in Framingham, MA), followed by a fire and burglary equipment manufacturing subsidiary of ADT. There was clearly - at least for me - a pattern here - less politics, less hierarchy, less formality and more autonomy. In 1990 I purchased a distribution company serving the automotive aftermarket. Sold that business in 1998, took a "professional pause" and in January, 2001 joined DogWatch,Inc in Natick, MA. DogWatch designs and markets RF technology based systems for pet containment - the company has been in business for 10 years and has taken the basic "Invisible Fence" concept and improved the technology. For the first time in many years I am enjoying what I do and look forward to each new business day. I plan to stay at this for a while as I really haven't been able to develop any significant hobbies/interests/"passions" that make me want to slow down.

Both personally and professionally, it has been a good 40 year run!