Bob Snyder

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:55:45 EST


I have seen all the great work that everyone is doing in anticipation of our upcoming reunion.

I thought that I would give everyone an update on my life.

I remarried in Feb 1994 and moved back to Yarmouth from Portland and built a home for my new family (son and two stepsons). In 1999 the family business (WL Blake & Co) was sold and I entered into retirement only to wonder how I ever was able to work. I have been busy coaching lacrosse in the spring and doing some substitute teaching in Spanish or whatever the need may be. I am a trustee of a hospital here in Portland and that keeps me busy with the various meetings. Last year we purchased a Villa in St. Maarten so we are trying to spend more time there. If anyone is looking for a vacation the Villa is in the rental market.

My wife Ellen has been in the printing business all her life and recently sold her business so that she also could look forward to retirement, but is currently employed with a printing concern here in Portland and only plans to work full time for another year and one half.

Malcolm, the oldest stepson, graduated from Whittier College in California last year and has come back to Maine and is working in the Greater Portland area. My son Robby also graduated last year from Cornell and moved to New York City where he had a brief stint with Arthur Andersen and was laid off and is now working for Clifford Chance, a law firm in the City.

Jeremiah, the youngest stepson, is in his junior year at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia and is enjoying college life.

I look forward to seeing everyone in June.