Howard Durfee

Upon graduating from Governor Dummer I went to Harvard along with Peter Machinist and a few other classmates. While there I became Harvard's champion wrestler in 1964. After graduating from Harvard, I went to the University of Edinburgh and to Fuller Theological Seminary in California, and completed a Master's Degree in religious studies.

I did not feel called however, to be a pastor or preacher, so I entered secular employment at Texas Instruments in Dallas Texas. After 27 years of working at TI I took early retirement in 1996. Since that time I have worked four years at Northern Telecom in Richardson, Texas. I am now moving into accounting services for employment.

In addition to secular work I have been helping send missionaries to Africa for the past twenty years. They have helped to found churches throughout the continent, and some preach to as many as 60,000 people at one time.

Recently I cut a CD on worship music. This was the result of years of singing in churches, at funerals, and at weddings. I recently completed a PHD in religious studies at the University of Honolulu, writing a dissertation on Christian ministry. Governor Dummer gave me the academic background for this work. The foundation laid in prep school has gone with me through my life.