Glenn Coffman

Back from the dead.

I may never have realized this was the 40th reunion if it had not been for the work of Tay and the rest of you involved in setting up the website. You certainly got my attention when I saw my picture among the deceased. Look forward to seeing you all. Here's a brief bio.

Went to College of Wooster in Ohio, which I really loved. It was good to get out of New England. Had a wonderful four years It was a great experience both socially and academically. After college I went on to get a graduate degree in history at BU and taught in the Lexington, MA school system for four years.

An opportunity came along to get into being the director of a public library with more responsibility and less supervision. I was ready to get onto something other than teaching. I have been responsible for the adding to and the renovation of three public libraries in the Boston area including Weston, Rockland, and now Milton. But I am ready to write a new chapter and if the opportunity came for early retirement I would take it.

One of my passions has been bicycling. I have crisscrossed much of America. Done the entire west coast on bike from Vancouver to San Diego and have crossed from the west coast to the east coast three times. My goal is to bicycle all fifty states. So far I am on 42. I have had many adventures and friends who have joined me along the way.

I have been married and divorced twice and am single now for ten years but have a wonderful relationship with a woman I have known for four years. My daughter was born in 1973 and is living with me since she was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in September of 2001. She is in remission and may be cured. Her illness has been the biggest shock to me and has really given me a perspective on life.

Together we are training to ride a hundred miles as a fundraiser for the Leukemia Society.

Tarbs, Tom and the rest of you have done a great job in getting us together.

Glenn Coffman

[Image: Glenn Coffman and Daughter Caroline]