Red Culver

From: "RandM Culver"
To: "Tay Vaughan"
Subject: My journey so far
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 20:33:19 -0500


Much appreciate your efforts in getting all this site stuff together. You have done a great job!

If you would, change my name to Red. I've used that throughout college and business.

I went through Lehigh University after GDA and managed to obtain a BS majoring in finance and marketing. After looking for a marketing research job for several months I realized I had to get something that required less than "10 years of directly related experience", so I took a programming course and joined the world of data processing. It has helped me pay the bills ever since.

I started as a programming trainee at Factory Mutual Engineering Corp 67-69, went on to Keane Associates 69-75, Delphi Associates '75-77, XTRA Leasing Corp '77-79, National Computer Systems (NCS, not NCR) '79-94 and finally ended at Mellon Financial 94-present. Most definitely this is my last stop on the road to retirement. Much of the early experience was in support and then project management. Mellon has been a combination of the two. I was heavily involved in the Y2K project during the latter part of 98 and through 99. Many avoided the experience, but I appreciated it for what it was - the largest data processing project of all time. I would not have wanted to miss it for the world. And it lived up to its billing. Truly it was one helluva ride!

Back in 69 I married the best friend of the woman who was engaged to my best friend at Lehigh. Mary and I moved to Burlington, MA. in March of 70 and we have stayed here since. Same house with an addition put on in 81.

We have two daughters Cindy June of 70 and Kim May of 73 both of whom moved out on us to Atlanta. On December 28, 2001 Cindy presented us with our grand daughter Callian (as in CALIfornia). And, by the way, she is the most beautiful baby you have ever seen!

Gave up smoking back in 68 and have not looked back. Glad I did. Never gave up beer. Glad I didn't.

Mary and I have done some antiqueing (steins, chocolate glass and a bit of copper) over the years. Not a way to make a living, but an enjoyable leisure activity. And I have managed and played on the Hackers softball team for the last 29 years. The name really fits well. The joy for the game continues strong.

I guess that will have to do for a bio. Again, thanks for the site.