Peter Entwistle

Since leaving the USA I tried law school with little success followed by Agriculture College with a little more success. I married Tizzie in 1969 and acquired a pretty 300 acre farm in the North of England where we have lived happily ever since. We produced a girl and boy, and the farm produces each year a 1000 lambs and 150 beef cattle. I represented the area on the County Council for eight years, I was a Church warden for 25 years and am still a Magistrate in Lancaster. In the summer we would play tennis and in the winter hunt pheasants and grouse. Now I am old I play croquet in the summer and bridge in the winter. We lost a fortune in the Loyds insurance market but have done quite well out of property recently. Our house and farm buildings were built in the 17th century and I often feel nothing much has changed here since then. Tizzie has recently inherited a lovely small manor house 2 miles away with a beautiful garden which I enjoy looking after. My son Tom runs the farm and my daughter works in advertising in London. My year at Governor Dummer had an enormous influence on me for which I will always be grateful.

From: "Peter Entwistle"
Subject: lost limey
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 21:54:06 +0100

Dear Tay,

I hope this reaches you. I enclose a short biography. Unfortunately it looks unlikely that I will be able to make the reunion as my wiife is due two new knees this summer. We have got to that sort of age! However if everything goes well I will jump on a 'plane and join you all.

Kind regards

Peter Entwistle