Darrell Hamric

After graduating GDA I had tentatively planned to work for the Green Giant Pea Co. in Washington with Charlie Pyne. Instead, I went back to Dallas for a more lucrative offer with Six Flags Over Texas... $1.25/Hr.

I attended the University of Texas, having changed plans in mid-summer from joining all the GDA grads going to Penn.

After finishing my degree in History I spent four years in the USAF (1967-1971). Except for these four years in California, I have lived in Austin, Texas the rest of my life. Well, except when I worked at the V.A. in Waco, Texas in 1976.

Butler & Bob James came through Austin for visits during those years. P. Entwistle came in the sumemr of '62. Butts came to see me again at March AFB (we went to Disneyland). The one time I went back to Mass (1969), I saw Tarbell (on Guard Duty) and Golden.

While in California I got my Real Estate Licence and sold Real Estate for about a year. After finishing in the Air Force I returned to the Unversity of Texas to get my degree in Business. Then on to Southwest Texas for my MBA.

Leaving the V.A. I returned to Austin to work at the IRS. Now, I have been with the Postal Service for the past twelve years, working as a Rural Carrier.

During this time my interest in Real Estate continued. I have invested, bought and sold property and currently manage a few rental houses and duplexes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys -to Charlie Pyne, I'm the one in the 25th reunion photo you thought was Barkin.

If anyone reads this, I'll be amazed, let me know.

Darrell Hamric