Steve Kasnet

Name: Stephen G. Kasnet

This past weekend was one of four scheduled Trustee weekends at GDA. The campus looked spectacular, the students much younger and the air was mosquito free.

After our graduation event, I began what was to become an almost five year college career at U of Penn. My diploma and class rank( bottom 25%) arrived by mail with the first of many requests for an annual gift. I was fortunate that the Chesapeake Bay was a reasonable drive from Philadelphia as most of my spare time was spent sailing in and around Annapolis.

I was able to spend the next several years aboard various boats both racing and cruising, attempting several times to crew onboard the successful America's Cup defender. This period was interrupted by a brief stint working for our government.

Eventually, I returned to Boston and began my carreer with a Boston-based real estate brokerage and development company. That career stuck for twenty years, along with my wife, Missy, who is a product of Philadelphia. She and I are beginning our thirty-second year together. Our two children, Hadley Scully who lives with her husband and daughter in Manhattan; and Archie, a GDA graduate living in San Francisco, complete the package.

Over the past twelve years, I have traveled among several publicly and privately held firms that were in need of restructuring and recapitalisation. Presently, I serve as chairman of Warren Bank and president/ceo of Harbor Global Co.,Ltd. These are both public companies that are involved in banking (Warren) and asset management in foreign places (Russia, Poland, Ghana).

Tom, Tay, and Tarbs are to be congratulated for forcing this communication to reunite our class. Some months ago, I committed to participate in the Newport-Bermuda Race with our 1984 crew and several of our children. Little did I know that the weekend of our reunion would compete with the race start.

Hopefully, this event will foster more communication among us.