NOTE, March 30, 2002
From Tay Vaughan

Hello GDA Class of 1962...

We have set up a domain and moved the web pages for the Class of 1962 reunion to

Ham Agnew runs a communications company in Florida, and has graciously donated space at his server farm for our "unofficial" pages.

Now the question is "what do we put there?"

Many have commented on how interesting it is to read about the life activities of our classmates - what they have done, where they are now, what they think about these last 40 years. There are a few biographies and links already attached to individuals at the site...

So this note is also a request for personal information.

Do any of these:

Least effort: E-mail me ( the link (URL) to your bio if it already exists on the Web.

More effort: Go to our site and type some info into the Biographical Information Form. Those words will be automatically e-mailed to me when you submit the form and I'll put them up at the site.

Most effort: E-mail a full-bore CV or biographical sketch (with attachments as desired). Let it all hang out!

While disconcerting, if not startling when laid against against your class photo of 1962, think about e-mailing a recent photo of yourself and family. Tempus fugit. Inexorably. But images tell great stories, too. In the olden days (my 14-year old daughter grimaces when I say that because "olden" starts in about 1992) photos didn't lie. Today, you may request custom photo retouching :-), so let me know if you'd rather be on the beach at Maui or in a pine forest instead of at your last birthday party at the office. Wrinkles and reflective pates are managed lagniappe, as we used to say in New Orleans...

The School will be sending official registration materials for the reunion coming up in June, and the School may install a forms page connected to the GDA School site at

to allow you to sign up on the Web. Our pages at WWW.GDA62.ORG are meant to be fun and informational, not "official."

Best wishes!