NOTE, May 30, 2002
From Tom Tobey

To the 40th Reunion Class of 1962

As of this writing, 9 AM on Thursday, the 30th of May, we have 29 bio's in-hand and 28 members of the class signed up for the reunion. Since I have kept pretty good records, we are expecting at least 40 for the reunion if all who have said they were coming, show up! Many of that unsigned group of 14 or so haven't sent in bio's. The deadline for your bio to be included in the registration packet is the end of the business day on Tuesday, the 4th. If you have been keeping up, the bio's come in all forms. Take a peek at

While my memory has been reported to have slipped a notch lately, I suspect that those of you who have yet to 'complete the bio assignment' are likely to have been in the group up late writing that random paper in the Spring of 1962 with me.

Several have asked about what meal plan etc to sign up for over the weekend. I will have to leave that you. The dinners on Friday and Saturday would likely be events you might not want to miss. For the early risers (9 AM), you can get out to run in or support Glough running in, the Pie Race. There will be a few talks by current faculty if you want meet them. There will be music and a chance to see the new Arts center. I know that I want to hear what Peter B has to say, so that's on Saturday afternoon. Charlie, Tay and Ham will be holding a round table technology discussion that may not be on the printed schedule for Saturday. From having attended many GDA and college reunions, the most memorable times are just sitting around catching up on the last 40 years.

The first event of the weekend, cocktails at Ben and Ellen Jameson's home on Friday, the 14th. See you there!! It will be 5-7 with the dinner starting on time at 7:30 in the Kaiser Center at GDA.

Tom and John