NOTE, May 16, 2002
From Tom Tobey

Bulletin ********* Bulletin

If you received this email, then we have not yet received your biography. If you have already sent it, our sincere apologies.

Publishing the Reunion Yearbook
Check out the biographies section of the website. What an impressive, diversified and illustrious group. We want to publish the biographies in a yearbook type format. Please make an effort to get yours written and emailed to Tay as soon as possible. You have until June 4th at the very latest for yours to be included. Remember when the real yearbook came out? Remember what it felt like to see that you had been included? Don't miss it.

Room Reservations
From Bill McPhee - "As they said they would, yesterday the Hampshire Inn (800-932-8520) released the remaining 7 rooms they were holding for the Class of 1962 for the weekend of June 14-16. However, the hotel still has about 15 rooms available for that weekend.; so if people call soon-like in the next week- they probably be able to get a room."

We would suggest a call soon if you would like a room that is conveniently located. They will also be providing us with a continental breakfast each morning.