NOTE, May 8, 2002
From Tom Tobey

GDA - 40th Reunion Update

In the last several years, John Tarbell and I have become engaged in many one-on-one dialogues on many and varying topics: marriage, parenting, health and retirement, just to name a few. The Internet has made the process of communication so much easier than it ever was before. I can vividly remember the antiquated communication system that consisted of visiting my little mailbox in the basement of the Phillips Building in 1960 to see if I had any mail. We have all now experienced the impact of what has now become the "You've Got Mail" revolution on our lives.

Email has been a boon for some. It has produced a nagging headache for others. Armed with email addresses of everyone in the class, more and more of you are now in communication with one another. The gda62 website and emails themselves have put some classmates in touch for the first time in 40 years.

This week alone has produced some wonderful consequences of this reconnection. Mark Johnson discovered that he and John Tarbell had just completed the same shoulder surgery. As the result of his experience, Mark is already reconsidering his method of rehab. Peter Entwistle's wife, Tile, may benefit from knee surgery that has become quite commonplace here in the states as she heads into her rehab. I called Ted Moore last night to ask for some advice about a forthcoming trip to Alaska where he has lived since 1971. He was incredibly helpful. I hadn't spoken with Ted since we graduated.

We have all had experiences, successes, and even traumas since we last saw one another. It is my hope that the reunion will enable us to see one another with a new perspective. Mark, Peter, Ted, John and many others have been on the receiving end of this new exchange already. The reunion has the opportunity to take communication to a new level. It will take place at a time in our lives when many are beginning to have more time to follow. Think of all the advice you will have to share about parenting with John T as he goes about raising his 7 years old daughter, Liza!

Please get cracking on those bios. Bob MacLaughlin and Mark Johnson report that theirs are on the way. We need these for a booklet to be distributed at the reunion.

I just received some data from the Alumni Office. As we approach the reunion, we have had 48% of the class contribute to the class gift. A contribution to the annual fund, class gift and gifts of other kids will all be included in our totals for our class. We are well on our way to challenge the reunion record in this category. The deadline to be included in this fiscal year is reunion. Keep it in mind.

An Extra

Warren Steele has volunteered to organize a tennis event on Saturday for those who are interested. Please let us know if this appeals to you.

Tom and John