NOTE, April 20, 2002
From Tom Tobey

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 12:05:21 -0700
Subject: Reunion Reminder
From: Thomas Tobey

There are about 50 days remaining before the 40th reunion. It is time to put your name on the list that you are coming. The interest level expressed in many casual phone calls and emails suggests that this will be one of the best showings for a reunion in GDA memory. Now it is your turn to get signed up.

You will receive a call from one of our classmates over the next few weeks. The caller will be encouraging you to register (you can do it easily online!) and if necessary reserve a room at the Hampshire Inn in Saybrook, NH where we have set aside rooms for the Class of 1962. You may also reserve a room on campus (

Keep those biographies coming. They are great. You can refresh your memories about what we look like after a lifetime of experiences by selecting the biographies section. No need to worry, we have all established new looks, new shapes and sizes. More important, we are wiser and have great stories to tell about how we managed over this time period since last we saw each other.

There have been but a few people who have said they are unable to come because of already established commitments. Please take the time to put together a resume, a list of accomplishments, a picture of you and your family, whatever you prefer.

We have confirmation that Peter Friend, Dave Williams, Bill Sperry and Val Wilkie will all be in attendance. You will also have the opportunity to meet Peter Bragdon who stepped down as headmaster two years ago.

Thanks for your attention. We will be calling soon.