NOTE, April 12, 2002
From Tom Tobey

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 11:57:22 -0700
Subject: 40th Reunion
From: Thomas Tobey

A couple of things for you to ponder

1. Give serious thought to putting together a biography to share with the rest. I sat down this morning and wrote one in fifteen minutes. It can take any shape or size. Tay's is a masterpiece, but keep in mind that he wrote the book on multimedia. Some are simply resumes. You most likely already have one of those. You can be as creative as you like. A photo would be nice so we will recognize you when we see you. We are planning to put together a booklet of the bio's to give you when you arrive.

2. Participation in the class gift. There is no need to impress, just participate. We want to set a standard for percentage of participation from a 40th reunion class that will not likely be matched anytime soon. Someone is the class will call you over the next few weeks to encourage you to attend. Check out the website at to see who is already registered. At last check there are already four signed up. Be the next!

3. I informed the class that Peter B. Machinist was going to share some thoughts with us on the Middle East situation. I did not intend to leave anyone else out. If you feel there is something that you would like to share, let me know.

Tom T.