NOTE, April 9, 2002
From Tom Tobey

GDA - 40th Reunion Update

The excitement for our 40th reunion is clearly building. Thanks to the efforts of the Technology Committee Ham Agnew, Tay Vaughan, J.B. Moore and Charlie Pyne we now have a functional website ( Now anyone can access the site for information on reunion, notes, biographies, and contact information on every classmate.

You will be receiving registration materials shortly and as of today you are be able to sign up for reunion on-line. As of today, you may go to the site and there should be a link to the GDA website where you can register for reunion or you go directly to the site.

Just a reminder about rooms, Bill McPhee has reserved some rooms at the Hampshire Inn (800-932-8520). They will hold this block of rooms for a limited time, so log -on and you are all set. You can also reserve a room to stay in the dorms.

Members Ham Agnew, Red Culver, Peter Machinist, Ken Pouch, Gar Randall, Bob Snyder, Tay Vaughan, Glenn Coffman, and John Dorr 1944-1993 (obituary) have already submitted some very interesting copy regarding what has happened to them since 1962. We encourage you to submit your own version to Tay Vaughan as soon as possible(see Notices on the gda62 site on how to post).

Special Guests
We have confirmation that the following will also be attending the reunion by special invitation of the Class of 1962: Dave Williams, Bill Sperry, Val Wilkie (Head 1960-1972) and Peter Bragdon (Head 1985-2000). If there is someone else whom you would like to include in these invitees please let us know.

Class Cocktail Party
Ben and Ellen Jamison have graciously offered to host our first gathering at their home in Newburyport, Friday, June 14. Watch this site for specific directions on how to get there. The class dinner will follow back on campus at the Kaiser Arts Center (formerly known as The Old Stone Garage).

Special Event
We just received notice that Peter B. Machinist has agreed to host a talk for us on Saturday afternoon of the reunion. There are details to come but here is a snippet from a recent email about the scope of his proposed remarks. If you have other questions, I suggest that you address them directly to Peter

Yes, I would be happy to talk to the class about the Middle East. But let me just offer a few caveats. As you know, my specialty, such as it is, is on things rather ancient. Like everyone else, I try to follow modern developments, and now, in particular, the awful news of the last year and a half, but I can't pose as any kind of expert on the modern situation. I do think that the ancient perspective, however remote it may look, may have something to offer our modern understanding, and if you don't mind, I will start my presentation from that angle. It is something I have talked about in other fora: ancient history in modern Middle Eastern politics. From there, I can move, as I am able, to some of the modern issues more directly, and most important, do so, I trust, in a concise way, so that we all have plenty of time for a group discussion, which is finally what is crucial. (also take a look at his bio on the class website)
The stage is set and now time to enter the players - YOU. If you are interested in participating in the final round-up for the reunion, please let me know. If you would be willing to make a few reminder calls, send a return email stating any preferences in this effort. I have already heard from Nils Bjork, Bob MacLaughlin, Tarbs and Yours Truly in this regard. I will send out your follow-up lists shortly.

Alumni/ae Art Show
If anyone has developed a penchant for art in the last forty years, you may want to consider submitting it to the Alumni/ae Art Show over the Alumni Weekend.. If you are interested, contact Michelle Orvis, Director of Annual Giving at

As an final wrap up, I would like you all to know that I spent several delightful days with Frank Bond in New Mexico. He is busy with his law practice and ranch, but otherwise seems quite content with life at 7000 feet.

Questions? Email John or Tom at or

More later

Tom and John
Reunion Honchos