NOTE, March 11, 2002
From Tom Tobey

Class of 1962

The sign over the door will undoubtedly read "Welcome Alumni" . Over the past year or more my Archon entries have asked the Class of 1962 to put the 14th and 15th of June' 2002 on the calendar for our 40th Reunion. In preparation for this event Tarbs and I have now been able to connect the entire class through email thanks to the additional assistance of Charlie Pyne.

Phone contact with many of has produced a wonderful feeling of sympatico for the old days with incredible stories to share since we parted company some 40 years ago. So many of us have been through a lot. Present day news is that Ben Jamison and Nils Bjork have daughters who will be graduating from GDA the week prior to graduation..

At this early writing the following have already expressed a genuine intent and sincere interest in coming:

Ham Agnew, Ray Bird, Nils Bjork, Peter Buck, Peter Butler, Bob Culver, John Davagian, Mac Donaldson, Peter Entwistle, Jim Everette, Peter Flaherty, Denis Golden, Jim Gordon, Stan Healy, Bob James, Ben Jameson, Paul Johnson, Steve Kasnet, Peter Kelly, Pete Lammert, Burke Leahey, David Lorenson, Peter Machinist, Bob Maclaughlin, Tim McNally, Bill McPhee, Rob Michel, JB Moore, Jim O'dea, Bob Orcutt, Ken Pouch, Charlie Pyne, Gar Randall, Pebble Rock, Bob Snyder, Warren Steele, Nick Strater, Colin Studds, John Tarbell, Tom Tobey, Tay Vaughan and Andy Whittemore. We are certain that there will be more when we follow-up with many with whom we want to catch up with further.

I need to point out, however, that with other classes also having reunions, rooms in the area may start to get scarce. In anticipation of this, Bill McPhee has gone ahead and reserved a block of 20 hotel rooms at the Hampshire Inn (800-932-8520) in Saybrook, NH [sic, see note below] about 15-20 minutes from the school, where I know that Tarbs and others have already made reservations. You may want to get on this sooner than later. The alternative of course, is that the alumni office has reserved the Perkins Dormitory for the Class of 1962 for those of you who want "go back in time" for old times sake as we did on our 25th.

If I have left anyone out please let me know and accept my apologies. The school will be following-up shortly with registration materials and a more detailed schedule for the weekend, and I will be in touch with other details as well.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Tom Tobey

Webmaster's Note: The following text arrived on 4/2/02 from Jim Bride (, Director of Alumni/ae and Parent Relations, GDA:

...Please make the following corrections in Tom Tobey's letter: Ben Jameson has a daughter, Heather, who is a senior at GDA and Nils Bjork, has a son, Lars, who is also a senior at GDA. Seabrook, NH is spelled this way. Thanks, Jim Bride.