Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 09:46:51 EDT
Subject: Brian Denahey To Sing At Reunion!/Technology Committee Talk


First, happy birthday to Tom Tobey yesterday!

I received in the mail an extraordinary CD "Songs of Worship" with Amazing Grace and seven other songs recorded by a handsome man in profile on the front and rear - obviously Brian Denahey. BUT WAIT!!! It's Howard Durfee!!! Durf was kind enough to send the CD which will be played at cocktails, along with JB Moore's latest rap/rock production. The spectrum of this juxtaposition is only one of the weekend's highlights I'm sure.

Charlie Pyne has expressed a willingness to join others from the Technology Committee -Tay Vaughan, Ham Agnew and JB Moore in a "roundtable" about the latest developments/directions in technology. I have not vetted this with Tom and the schedule, but what say you Technologists?