Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 00:23:17 EDT
Subject: Bios/Ted Moore

Ted et. al-

Ted-great bio - fascinating --all of them are. What a change since we first talked and you said, "How'd you find me?" Well, it was Charlie Pyne, and I glad to see that you're happy with the outcome - we're glad we found you! Tom and I spoke this morning, and remarked how amazing the number of connections there are after all to one another - many in Maine. I spent some time in Alaska in "74- wish I had known you were there. Frankly after seeing Alaska, I now think that drilling up there wouldn't really hurt much afterall - man, the place is huge! What's your view?

JB Moore - where's your bio? I was telling Tom about our great lunch, your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame credit, and now silence. What gives, man? Crank it up!

One thing that is unfortunte,many of went through years sort of trying to figure it all out - at least I did - and it's too bad we didn't know that others were around. I remember being in Hawaii in '67 after basic thinking, that I could just drop out and hang ou there on a Dole Pineapple plantation where some guys I met were overseeing the workers etc. Very tempting...but then there was the AWOL threat and that dream hit the reality wall. It surface again in Austrailia a few years later when I saw the mini-skirt had made it big there. Bondi Beach in Honolulu - great nights with the locals. Gee, I see Peter Buck was here in NYC, and then I learn Tom was here having 7 operations. We could have commiserated and maybe missed a few divorces and dead ends. At least we we'ren't as disillusioned as the GDA class of 1970 as it was written up in the Wall Street Journal in the '75-'76 time frame. Was I the only one that saw that article?

Say, Dave Lorenson - are we going to get a bio - an expose that you're not Canadian after all? And Frank Bond-living out there in one of the most beautiful places in the country and having run for Governor - aren't you going to share that stuff? Come back here and rid us of Gov Pataki - he won't close a nuclear plant that is in disrepair!!

And Denis - is your lobster boat in yet?

How's the outlook for Tizzie's operation, Peter? Do you think you'll be able to make it?

As you can see the sling came off today and I'm back at the keyboard. Shoulder hurts a lot but at least I can see progress. Amazing where we've all been.

More later!