Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 06:34:21 EDT
Subject: Conversations with Val Wilkie, Denis Golden and Mark Johnson

Tom and I thought that we'd pass on various conversations as we had them with class mates, and it that spirit, here are two that were fun. (As you can see I've graduated to writing in the upper case, reflective of my improvement from surgery three weeks ago. Got a long way to go, and my left arm and shoulder look like a ten year old girl's, but things could be worse.)

Spoke to Denis on Monday this week early, and he was about to go out to get his lobster boat into its seasonal mooring, It was a rainy, stormy day, and this is hard stuff, so I hope it went well. Among his other ventures, Denis and another fellow have a lobster venture in Rockport, and related that "the big guy in the business was Jon Shafmaster (GDA '64?) out of NH. I hope it went well. Denis is coming, and will register and write a bio when he has a moment.

Tom and I had a nice chat with Val Wilkie who offered that he would make a few remarks at cocktails or dinner. (I recall vividly his sonorous tones, "In this society...). As I am told by Ham Agnew, JB More had a killer imitation of Val, so JB, you should warm up. Tom and I warned him that he would be introduce "properly"- maybe this is a thespian opportunity, JB.

Mark and I spoke about his rehab as Tom mentioned. All injuries are as is rehab, and he injured himself moving furniture for his sister. His recovery therapy is yet to be worked out, but I related my experience with the hooded torturers here and I hope his goes smoothly. He is a consultant to SBC Corp., and while he cannot make it, he will write a note to the class as well.

Finally, Ben and his wife will need to start hearing from you guys as to whether or not you can attend. A real RSVP please. Pete Flaherty - since we talked a couple of times and you thought you were going to make it, we haven't heard back - are you ready for this? Bob James - Frank Bond has asked if you're coming - where are you? Jack Fenn when can we speak? Not much news here, getting our apartment building's windows replace next week so we'll be under seige. Urban living !

More later!