NOTE, April 12, 2002

Subject: Glenn Coffman Lives!/ Doug Coupe Reflocated!


My deepest apologies to Glenn and you all - somehow I got it into my head even some years ago that we had lost Glenn. Not so. In "The Miracle Of The gda' Site" - he found us. Tay and Tom can tell the whole story, and I just want to say how happy I am to learn otherwise and how sorry I am to have made this awful error. The record keeping detective job is not a perfect one. Glenn, welcome to the "grid" email list!

Doug Coupe is now in the Carolinas, at I know several of us, Tom and I included, want to see Doug at the reunion, so here's how we can reach him. Welcome Doug!

I'm off to the long advertised ski-accident-shoulder-surgery in two hours - I got delayed twice, to make a long story short. Further scrawlings will be forthcoming later in lower case. Tom and I are working on our bios and hope to see more in the site soon. It will cut down the time/improve the connections/reacquaintances if we can do it beforehand.

Thanks again to our august Technology Committee - Ham, Tay, Charlie,Gar -.and newly joined JB Moore who promised to give me local assistance in my ISP saga - att (worldcom) 's technical support, such as it is , is flawed, so I'm moving on from that.

More later!