NOTE, April 3, 2002

Subject: Wilkie/Coming New Site/My Upcoming New Email Address/Other

Gents- I'm back from vacation, and now Tom is on one - visiting Frank Bond in Santa Fe. He and I haven't spoken in 10 days, so here's a preliminary update in anticipation of a number of confirmations later.

1) We have invited Val Wilkie to OUR reunion (he was not otherwise contacted), and he was very touched, feeling close to our class. He's going to confirm his "yes" this week. He has been in Texas all these years working for the Sid Richardson Foundation.

2) We are also in the process of inviting Dave Williams and Bill Sperry; are there any other suggestions ?

3) Tom, Ham Agnew, Tay Vaughn and I have been in email discussion about "marrying" Tay's good work into an independent (gda'62?) site that Ham has reserved for us that can be linked to the school. Tay will be our consultant going forward, and we can send our pictures and notes to that site as several of you like Peter B have already..

4) Those of you who need rooms should get to reservations - the motel Bill McPhee is a good deal - Tom, Darrell and I and others have reserved already, and we will loose the rooms if they are not taken, and alternatives are unclear.

5) A while back We suggested that all of us would be able to participate in shared conversations on line. As it turns out AOL does not allow "scrolled" continued messages, so I'm trying to get out of AOL ("the ISP for children" as Ham calls it), but after switching all your addresses to att worldnet (Monday); att now won't let me send a group mailing over 25. I'm seeking a waiver, so stay tuned. I hope for resolution soon, and will seek an ISP that is good and will let me do both.

6) I'm also writing all this now because next week I'll be only able to write with one hand (I'm having shoulder surgery and will be in a sling for 4 weeks -skiing accident in Feb). Needless to say, one-handed emailing at length the will not be a worthwhile-- Hope you are all well - more later!!