NOTE, April 4, 2002
From George Randall

Subject: Re: Wilkie/Coming New Site/My Upcoming New Email Address/Other

It is good to hear from Tarbs again. I feel I should offer a couple of suggestions in response to his questions.

1. Val Wilke, Dave Williams, and Bill Sperry are great additions.

2. Steve Blair's widow (Mary, I believe, if memory serves) was an integral part of the academy in the early 70s when Steve was on the faculty. Perhaps one of us is in touch and might find out if she would have any desire to attend.

3. Shared conversations: It was just six months ago that you, Tarbs, set up a mail list on TopicA. The six postings that occurred are still shown on its web site at : Perhaps Ham and Tay might comment on whether that avenue is sufficient, and relieve Tarbs from his new occupation of trying [to be] the ISP-of-the-week.

Gar Randall